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Chuck & Shelly Gonzales
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The Business of Personal Training DVD Series

Hey Fitness Pros,

If you want to dramatically increase your Personal Training revenues and profits...

If you want to organize your business so you work smarter not harder...

If you want the systems to help you generate $1,000,000 per year in PT revenues...

Then today is your lucky day. Sherri McMillan, M.Sc., International Fitness Presenter and Personal Trainer of the Year, has laid out the strategies for million dollar Personal Training success.

And unlike some consultants who don’t even own personal training businesses, she speaks from experience. Our boutique style training studio in Vancouver WA did over $1,000,000 last year. Plus they were recently awarded the Better Business Bureau Business of the Year. That speaks volumes! If you’re going to set up a business, don’t you want to learn and mimic one that is actually generating huge revenues and receiving community, nation-wide and industry accolades!

So if you are ready to learn proven sales, marketing, customer service, human resource, programming and operational systems, then look no further. You don’t have to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel! Use the exact systems that generate over a million dollars per year in a 5000 square foot facility. Most large clubs can’t even hit those numbers in 50,000 square foot facilities because they lack the systems!

Only $399! PURCHASE NOW!

She will teach you how to set up internal and external marketing campaigns that get clients knocking down your doors. She will teach you the A to Z system for selling 80% of potential clients. She will teach you the most important customer service protocols to ensure you keep your clients and create raving fans. She will also enlighten you on the most challenging issues that owners and managers face including trainer recruitment, how to interview to find your stars, creating win:win compensation packages, reducing trainer turnover and keeping your dream team happy and performing at a high level. She will share with you the most popular programming tactics and the critical operational systems. 


Liz Sage - BA PHEd, CEP, Team Fitness BC
“Since implementing the Business of Training corporate manual and systems, our revenues have doubled.  We have outgrown our space and are looking to expand and see only future growth ahead.”


Sherri McMillan has been in the personal training industry for over 20 years and knows first hand what works and what doesn’t. She has received numerous industry awards because of her passion and willingness to share her knowledge, expertise and systems with other fitness professionals.

“It is my mission to provide Fitness Professionals and Business Owners with the knowledge, guidance, support, motivation and educational tools and resources that will allow them to help their clients reach for their personal best and enable their business to thrive. Ultimately, my primary focus is to help other Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Club Owners and Fitness Directors improve their theoretical, practical and business skills in order to create a healthier world – one person at a time. I couldn't ask for a better career.  To know that I've played a small part, directly or indirectly, in helping fitness pros make a difference in their community is about as rewarding as it gets.” - Sherri McMillan

Sherri McMillan has helped thousands of Personal Trainers develop their business skill sets to reach their revenue-producing potential and become extremely profitable. Why would you ever want to try to figure this all out on your own?!

Nora Wallace Walsh - Healthy Balance Fitness, Santa Monica, CA
“The Business of Personal Training systems have helped us grow our business and reach our highest revenue ever.”


  • 10 Hours of HD quality DVDs with Sherri McMillan jam packed with critical marketing, sales, customer service, programming and operational systems
  • Sherri walks you through EVERYTHING you need to know to take your business to the next level!
  • Get all of the handouts and follow along as Sherri unveils all of our secrets to generating $1 Million in PT every year
  • Topics include:
    • How to and when to open a Personal Training Studio
    • Important information about financing a Personal Training Studio
    • Developing Leadership Skills
    • Creating and maintaining Marketing Plans
    • Ready to use Sales Systems
    • How we Retain Clients
    • Building an exceptional Customer Service team
    • The value of multiple Profit Centers

Only $399! PURCHASE NOW!

Sherri McMillan will teach you:

  • How to develop a strong client referral system
  • How to create effective community relationships and cross promotions
  • How to increase your fitness income and profits regardless of your community demographics
  • How to get FREE Media advertising in print, radio and TV
  • How to create events that get thousands of people coming to your business
  • How to significantly and easily increase your clientele base
  • How to write effective press releases that are guaranteed to get you media coverage
  • How to increase revenues per client
  • How to dramatically develop your email prospect list at no cost
  • How to enhance client retention and create raving fans
  • How to create various seasonal promotions that increase cash flow
  • How to automate your system so the revenues flow in without any extra work
  • The 7 Step process to overcome the typical obstacles to buying and get a client to purchase on the spot
  • How to develop numerous profit centers
  • How to create program fliers that produce maximum participation
  • How to transform yourself into the fitness expert in your community
  • How to develop walking billboards that sell your business for you
  • What do say and what not to say in a first interaction with a client
  • Minute by minute protocol for a first session with a client that will get them buying every time
  • The single most important thing you need to do in every single training session
  • The most important thing you need to do to ensure a client repurchases
  • The 5 step process for all incoming and outgoing phone calls to ensure the prospect books an appointment
  • The most important thing you need to do to recruit your star Personal Trainers
  • The key principles for developing win:win compensation packages
  • The most important interview questions to ask to ensure you find the right people who will stick with you
  • How to create team meetings that your staff will attend and enjoy
  • How to create team loyalty and dramatically increase job satisfaction and staff longevity
  • Key expense to revenue percentages that most business owners don’t know that will kill business profits
  • How to know whether to open a studio or not
  • How to negotiate a lease
  • How to get funding for a business start-up or expansion
  • The 5 point checklist for all marketing ads, fliers, & brochures
  • How to structure your packages to instantly increase sales
  • How to provide group training programs and other budget conscious options so you never lose the sale
  • How to automate your system so important client communication regarding scheduling, payments and enrollment happens without anyone having to do anything
  • How to create websites and blogs that brand you and your business and bring you clients
  • How to create billing systems that happen automatically so money flows into your account even while you are sleeping!

All of this information is normally given in a 2 day workshop….you get to watch it on your own time, as many times as you would like and share it with your team.
Use the Business of Personal Training DVD set as a training tool for new managers!

As trainers, so many of us spend all our time developing and enhancing our technical skills and it goes without saying that that is important. However, most trainers neglect the business side of our industry and wonder why they can't seem to bring in the revenues that they should, struggle getting new clients, keeping clients and making a decent profit.
Our Business of Personal Training DVD Set will give you a sturdy foundation to grow from. Learn the business skills and requirements to run a truly successful Personal Training Business. This is a must have resource for all Personal Training Business Owners, managers and sole proprietors.

Luke Carlson - CEO, Discover Strength – Plymouth, MN
“I purchased the Business of Personal Training systems at the beginning of the month and we are working at aggressively implementing all of the systems (a truly exciting process – I have never been more engaged and rejuvenated). The systems (and entire process) have already made a huge impact (I only wish I would have invested in this about 2 years earlier). We are a small personal training facility (1,600 square feet) and after one month of partially implemented systems we are looking at about a $7,000-9,000 increase in this month’s revenue compared with last. I am anticipating that our revenue will grow from the low $600K per year to over 1 million over the next 12 months (I would be shocked if we didn’t exceed 1 million). I can say unequivocally that this is the single best investment I have made."

Only $399! PURCHASE NOW!
Price: Get the Business of Personal Training DVD set for only $399! The best part? If you love the DVDs and really want to take your business to the next level with our FULL Business of Personal Training System we will put the FULL payment towards your purchase!

Clients & Trainers Who Play Together, Stay Together!
Sherri McMillan, 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Training your clients doesn't need to be all serious business. In fact, you can accomplish the task and have a lot of fun in the process. Learn how to play various games and design simple contests that will get your clients working hard, improving their overall fitness and laughing to boot! Utilizing medicine balls, balance equipment and other training tools, you'll pick up practical drills you can use anytime. Give them a great workout, make it fun and they'll stick with you!

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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Triathlon Training - Conquering the Triple Challenge
Sherri McMillan, 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Have you or your clients ever dreamed about completing a triathlon or duathlon, or improving performance in either? This DVD will provide you with the information you need to design safe and effective triathlon and duathlon training programs. You'll learn what is needed in the way of equipment, effective training protocols, nutrition requirements, and what to expect on race day. The finish line is closer than you think!

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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Fun Games and Drills for Small-Group Training
Sherri McMillan, IDEA WORLD Conference 2009

Small-group training doesn't need to be all serious business. Fun Games and Drills for Small-Group Training features a series of fun and entertaining games and drills that can be employed in a small-group setting to enhance everyone's level of fitness. The DVD explains how to design siple contests utilizing a variety of training tools that are designed to get groups working hard and laughing a lot.

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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Partner Tubing
Sherri McMillan, IDEA WORLD Conference 2009

Partner Tubing provides an overview of the principles of resistance training and details a number of progressive, full-body partner exercises that will improve an individual's level of muscle conditioning, endurance, speed, balance and core stability. Designed for trainers who teach group fitness of train individuals privately or in small-group settings, the DVD feature over 20 new exercise ideas and progressions.

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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Making Money at Small-Group and Partner Training
Sherri McMillan, IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference 2009

Small group training has become extremely popular in clubs and training studios around the world. In fact, some facilities have opted to no longer offer one-on-one personal training, since group training can be more profitable for the trainer and the business, and often is more fun and economical for clients. This DVD provides an overview of how to program and market small group and partner training. We also explain the benefits involved in doing business this way and the logistics on how to make this incredible business opportunity work for you!

Benefits to the personal trainer, client and business
Partner training
Small group training
Large group training
Packaging and bundles
Logistics of running group training
Sample workouts

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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Group Gets Functional!
Sherri McMillan, IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference 2009

For the past several years the primary trend in the personal training industry has been to focus programming and movements on functional and/or integrated training. Unfortunately, relatively few group exercise instructors have taken advantage of the principles and techniques that are commonly employed in functional training. This "Group Gets Functional!" DVD provides an overview of the concepts of integrated training, compound movements, closed-chain exercise, neuromuscular conditioning, and biomechanics for real-life movements. Sherri explains how all of these integral concepts relate to teach group exercise. The DVD also features an area-specific review of how to functionally train the body in group setting. 

Chest conditioning
Back conditioning
Should conditioning
Triceps/biceps conditioning
Core/lower-body conditioning 

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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Partner Training With Tubes and Balls
Sherri McMillan, IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference 2009

Partner Training With Tubes and Balls details several progressive, full-body partner exercises that trainers can use to enhance their clients' muscle conditioning, endurance, speed, core stability and balance. The DVD provides a terrific resource for trainers, including those who teach group fitness, as well as work with clients privately or in small-group settings. The DVD features more than 30 new innovative exercise ideas and progressions that utilize tubing and medicine balls.

Partner tuning exercises
Partner medicine-ball exercises
Partner stretches

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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Get on the Small Ball DVD
Sherri McMillan, IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference 2009

Get on the Small Ball presents an overview of a practical, hands-on workshop that reviews the basics of working with small stability balls and features innovative exercises designed to improve balance, core stability and muscle conditioning. The DVD features cutting-edge fitness programming that involves an innovative repertoire of new exercises for the entire body. Among the topics covered:

Side-flexion work
Myofascial releaseRunning time: 106 minutes

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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The Business of Personal Training:
Building a Team That Generates More Than a Million Dollars a Year!

This DVD provides an exceptional tool for individuals who want to develop and operate a successful personal-training business. In step-by-step detail, the DVD reviews the basic factors involved in establishing the key systems (human resources, marketing, sales, operations, and administrative) attendant to an effective team of personal trainers. The DVD also provides an overview of the content in our 17 hr. The Business of Personal Training Workshop. Among the topics covered:

Manager/leader roles
NWPT system
Customer service systems
Internal promotions
Action planRunning time: 95 minutes

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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Developing a 12-month Marketing Plan for Fitness Directors:
Sherri McMillan, IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference 2009

Do you always feel you’re frantically trying to come up with a marketing initiative that is easy to implement, effective, and worth the effort? If you’re like most managers, you’re continuously behind the 8-ball—rushing to finalize all the details of the next strategy that (hopefully) will entice clients to try out your services. Well, worry no more. Developing a 12-Month Marketing Plan for Fitness Directors provides you with a step-by-step, 12-month marketing strategy with all the detailed actions needed to succeed. The DVD also details a roadmap to experiencing the financial benefits of a marketing plan that works. Among the topics covered:

Setting up a strong foundation for success
Establishing a marketing plan/strategy
What a 12-month marketing plan should includeRunning time: 111 minutes

Price: $49.95 + shipping
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