Company Sponsors & Resources

Company sponsors & resources

Important Resources for Fitness Professionals:

We proudly use Mindbody Online Software to run our business!

Contact us and ask for more reasons why, get the quick and easy run down or download specifics. Best part? We stand by our recommendation and you get a discount if you follow the link or mention Northwest Personal Training.

Mindbody Online keeps our business running…..scheduling, database, online product sales, marketing and more.

Mind/Body Online can save you money and time while growing your business revenues and profits. MINDBODY Business Management Software is trusted by thousands of clients in 42 countries to manage and grow their businesses. We highly recommend this company for its robust business systems and world-class customer service.

Here’s why – One of the most common errors we notice with Personal Training businesses and departments is that the business systems are not automated and centralized. Most Personal Trainers control their schedule and continue to use a manual scheduling process. This leads to various scheduling errors, frustrations, ineffective communication processes and ultimately lost revenues. One of the very first recommendations we make to a Personal Training department or Training studio is to invest in a Business system that will allow them to track the pulse of their business and incorporate administrative systems that allow for high levels of customer service. Fortunately, Mind/Body Online, an Online Business Management system, is offering Personal Training departments and Trainers what we’ve needed for years and they’re doing it in a cost-effective manner.


Online education resource for fitness professionals This is our number one choice for online fitness education for Personal Trainers This is a must-have membership if you are a Personal Trainer.


The International Health and Fitness Organization that provides health and fitness professionals with unbiased data, pertinent information, educational resources, career development and industry leadership If you are serious about your career as a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor, you need to be a member of IDEA.


International Health, Raquet, and Sportsclub Assocation:
IHRSA’s mission is to grow, protect and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with benefits that will help them be more successful. If you own a fitness club, you should be a member of IHRSA.


A company that provides high-energy, high-quality, mixed and licensed music for fitness professionals who teach Cycle, Step, Kick-Box, Dance, Muscle, Yoga, and Pilates.


American Dietitic Associationwww.eatright.org
Nutrition information and resources A great website to send your clients to.


Mayo Clinicwww.mayoclinic.com
A credible, science-based website offering cutting edge fitness and health education


Spark Peoplewww.sparkpeople.com
A free online nutrition and activity log with tons of fitness and nutrition education A great website to help your clients track their nutrition and exercise levels.


A website packed with excellent fitness and performance based information and a list of all upcoming runs, walks, triathlons and other events around the world and locally A great website to review with your clients to help them choose their next big goal.

We feel so honored to represent the following companies.


Nike www.nike.com
The world’s leading fitness clothing and footwear company. Nike has supported the fitness industry and the initiative of helping to create a healthier world for decades. As a company, Nike regularly sponsors various community and fitness education events that we host and we feel grateful for this wonderful relationship with such a world-class and pioneering fitness company. Plus it’s so cool that they are a Northwest company right in our back-yard. When you are in the market for a new pair of shoes or some new workout gear, check out Nike. Not to mention, their stuff is gorgeous and they use such high-quality materials.

PowerBar www.powerbar.com
PowerBar led the energy bar and energy drink revolution and have been providing athletes and exercise enthusiasts with the quick nutrients they need to perform at their best. PowerBar has been a sponsor of our community and fitness education events for over a decade and we feel so honored to align ourselves with a company that was built upon a vision for helping people achieve their personal bests. When you’re in need of a little energy boost, be sure to grab a PowerBar, Pria or Harvest Energy Bar, PowerGel or PowerBar Energy Drink.

Twist Conditioning www.twistconditioning.com
Founded by Peter Twist, Veteran NHL strength and Conditioning Coach, Twist Conditioning has been the premier Sport Conditioning and Functional Fitness company since 1999. As a supporter of various continuing education events for fitness professionals, they are providing the tools and resources for fitness professionals around the world to advance their skills. If you’re in need of functional and sports conditioning equipment, visit the Twist Conditioning website. They will take great care of you!

Top Choices for Fitness Pro Certifying Organizations:

There are over 200 various certifying bodies throughout the USA alone – unfortunately not all are credible. Here is a list of the Personal Training and Fitness Instructor certifications that we feel are the best in the industry. These are the certifications we look for when hiring a new team member so that should say alot.

American College of Sports Medicinewww.acsm.org
Its primary mission – Advancing Health through Science, Medicine & Education. A well-respected certification for all Personal Trainers but a must-have if you are planning on working closely with the medical community.

American Council on Exercisewww.acefitness.org
The largest nonprofit fitness certification and education provider in the world. ACE continually sets standards and protects the public against unqualified fitness professionals and unsafe or ineffective fitness products, programs and trends. ACE offers respected certifications for Personal Training and Group Fitness and a variety of specialty certification courses including Pre/Post natal, Special Conditions, Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition and Weight Management.

National Academy of Sports Medicinewww.nasm.org
A provider of education for fitness, sports-performance, and sports-medicine professionals worldwide. NASM offers a cutting-edge certification course that is well respected in the industry.

National Strength and Conditioning Associationwww.nsca-lift.org
NSCA supports and disseminates research-based knowledge and its practical application, to improve athletic performance and fitness. One of the most credible and respected certifications in the industry and a must-have if you are planning on working closely with athletes.

World leaders in the combined certification and continuing education of group fitness instructors, personal fitness trainers and allied health professionals. A must-have if you live in Canada in addition to any one of the above certifications.



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