3,000 Potential New Clients

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Raise a lot of money for local charities.  Help people experience a huge sense of accomplishment.  And let it enhance your business by getting to know 3000 potential new clients!

I am so proud and honored to say that the 6th annual Girlfriends Half Marathon was a huge success!  The weather held out for us and the girlfriends were in full force.  We raised tons of money for breast cancer research and other local charities and we had a blast.  Now it is time to reap some of the other benefits  of hosting an event where close to 3,000 women walked through the doors of our studio.

(If you want to learn more about the Girlfriends Half Marathon check out this THIS ARTICLE that was written after the race) 

So how do we manage the task of reaching out to these ladies to tell them about all of the great services we offer?

  • We start by narrowing down the field
    • We run a report from all of the women that ran the event and choose the women that live near our studios
  • Then we assign each trainer a list of women to reach out to in the next month
  • And we set a goal for each trainer to schedule at least 1 complimentary session per week through the end of November
  • We ask the trainers to CALL each woman and we provide a script that will ensure that the trainer explains the benefits of what we can do for an active person (like the women that ran the half marathon!) A personal phone call from one of our trainers is the key to this.  We all get tons of emails each day.  Making phone calls using well written scripts will make the greatest impact
  • The best part is that we give all of these women the opportunity to try out our group classes for 2 weeks at no cost!
  • Finally, we will send out scheduled emails to all of these women to remind them of any post race information and the free 2 week offer

This is the offer I sent out in my post race recap that explains the 2 weeks free offer:
 As a participant or volunteer for the Girlfriends Half Marathon, you receive a 2 week FREE introductory pass to either our Vancouver or Portland studio.  So if you’d like to be a part of the same kind of energy as the Girlfriends Half Marathon every day, just email me at and I’ll make sure you get all taken care of!  It’s really amazing to be around other go-getters just like you! We offer really fun classes including Indoor Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Bootcamps, Yoga, Pilates, Core Conditioning and more. 

Remember, hosting an event is an amazing thing to do for your community, your clients and for local charities, but it is also an opportunity to let people know who you are.  Make sure to have a plan on how you will market to the participants of your events!

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