4 Reasons YOU Should Teach Group Training

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Group Training sounds like a smart idea on paper, but how do you structure programs and sessions for a group of people with all different fitness levels, needs and goals?  And what results can clients expect with only 1/3 to 1/4 of the attention they would normally get from a private trainer?

Although programming for groups and managing sessions is more complex and, yes, a degree of personal attention is sacrificed—these disadvantages are offset by the opportunity to train people who otherwise couldn’t afford it. It feels great to make fitness and exercise accessible to more people regardless of age, economic background or fitness level.

So why does Group Training work?  It works because everybody wins.


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1. Diversity in Your Job:

The burnout rate in the fitness industry is high. We are constantly giving and inspiring and motivating and by the end of the day, we’re exhausted. The key to longevity in the fitness industry is creating a career that is varied and diversified. It’s a good idea to create opportunities that will allow you to keep your job fresh and exciting.  You could feasibly set up a career that includes one-on-one training, at-home training, group training, rehab training, fitness seminars and more.

2. Become a Better Fitness Professional:  

When a Fitness Professional adopts a career style that is more diversified, they find they have more energy, enthusiasm and focus during all training sessions. This allows them to service all of their clients better and therefore directly improves client retention.

3. Great Exposure to a Larger Market:

Group training provides greater exposure to a larger market of potential clients. By offering Group Training programs, many participants will purchase a few additional private sessions to custom-design their own programs.  This makes Group Training a solid feeder into private training, so it indirectly enhances that profit stream, too.

4. Cost Effective:

With Group Training, the costs are split between multiple people making it more accessible and allowing many to participate who could not afford to otherwise.  Other clients will like the more affordable options because it will allow them to partake in more than just one program.

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