Booking First Session Over the Phone

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So we have talked about why building a relationship with a potential new client is the best way to get a client to sign up for your services and great ways to market for more comp sessions, but we need to take a step back!  The first step to having a successful comp session is having a successful first conversation with the potential new client and many times this happens over the phone.

It’s imperative to understand how we can use the phone to our advantage to help us sell our services. Here are some guidelines that we ask our trainers to follow:

    • Move the phone and physically put it in a place where it is the center of attention.  It is difficult to perform well on the phone when distractions and disruptions are occurring around you.
    • Pay attention to your posture on the phone.  It is difficult to sound energetic if you’re reclined back in an easy-chair or slouched on the couch.  Try putting a long cord on the phone or use a cordless headset so you can move around while talking.  Remember your body language can be heard!
    • Consciously attempt to add more tone, animation, and energy to your voice.
    • Make important calls when you’re feeling most upbeat and energetic.  Perhaps you’ll find making calls right after a workout or first thing in the morning works for you.  Get yourself psyched up.

Now that you are in the write place, at the right time and in the right mood…here are a couple tips on how to conduct a first call with a client that has shown interest in Personal Training.

The introduction is the first thing you will say to the client.  This will set the mood of the conversation.  It should be precise and lead you into the rest of the conversation.

Hi is Sandy there?  Hi Sandy, this is Sherri calling from Northwest Personal Training.  I understand you’re interested in Personal Training.  Do you have a few moments to chat?  Great, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

If it’s not a great time (they are just running out the door, their kids are screaming in the background) ask for a better time to call and then call back later.  This will go over much better than trying to force a call when the timing is not right.


During this stage you want to get as much information about the client as possible.  Discuss their fitness background.  Determine what exercise they’re doing, how often, how long and how much.  Be sure to get as much information on all parts of their fitness program – cardio, muscle conditioning and flexibility.  Discuss their nutrition, injury status, sleeping habits and stress levels.  Listen for key pieces of information.  Are they a beginner?  Is there an injury we need to address?  Are they neglecting key components of their fitness program that we can address?

Tip: This stage is similar to a conversation you might have at a cocktail party.  If you’re at a party and you want someone to like you, ask them a ton of questions about themselves.  People love to talk about themselves. They will leave that interaction thinking you are just an amazing person even though you haven’t told them anything about yourself.  So engage your potential client in interactive conversation.  Be sure to be interested in what they’re saying. 


Find out exactly why they need you.  Be sure to probe so you are very clear on their expectations.  Paraphrase to ensure you’ve understood what they’re looking for. 

Action Plan

Here’s where you get to tell them how we can help them.  Be sure to relate everything you tell them back to what they’ve told you.  Focus on the benefits they will achieve versus listing the features of your program

Tie Up Loose Ends

You now want to determine how you will work together.  Book the first appointment.  Tell them what they can expect during the first session and what they should wear.  Ask them to pick up and return the completed client information package or email it to them and ask them to fill it out and email it back to you.  Provide directions and parking instructions.  Be sure to ask them to call if they need to reschedule.

Thank them!

Taking these important steps during a first call with a potential new client will help them remember why they reached out to you in the first place.  They will know that you are really there to help them and they will be more likely to book a first session (Comp Session) with you.

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