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Lessons from Jack LaLanne for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

Dear Fitness Pros, I am so excited to relaunch my Business of Personal Training blog. It’s got a new look and feel with functioning that should make it more user-friendly for you and easier to interact and post comments. My goal is to blog two times per week and provide you with technical, practical and…

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Be the Health and Fitness Expert in your Community!

Hey Fitness Pros. Have you noticed on TV, newspaper and radio…everyone is talking about fitness and healthy eating and New Years Resolutions?! Now is the time to position yourself as the local Fitness Expert. Contact local producers and editors and let them know you’re available and pitch some good ideas for them. ยท Exercising on…

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FREE 90 minutes of tips to ensure PT Business Success

Hey Fitness Pros, A little while back Todd Durkin interviewed me for his Personal Training Mastermind Group. Todd is a world-class trainer and business owner and he asked some very insightful questions. It was a great discussion and provided some great tips on what we all need to be doing to ensure we run extremely…

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