Category: Human Resources

Employee or Independent Contractor? You NEED to Get This Right!

Do you classify your staff as employees or independent contractors? Either way, you should know the law! I just returned from IHRSA where I attended a session by an attorney who talked about the IRS crackdown on Fitness Clubs and Studios categorizing Trainers as Independent Contractors when they should be classified as Employees. All it…

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Going Outside With Clients? Play It Safe.

It is that time of year when many personal trainers and group exercise instructors start taking their clients outside for workouts. Clients love getting the fresh air and trainers can keep things interesting with TONS of new exercises and adventures in the great outdoors. We have a couple protocols when it comes to bringing clients…

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Personal Trainers: Employees vs. Independent Contractors?

  One of the MOST common questions we get from fitness business owners/managers and from those who have purchased our Business of Personal Training System  is “Should I have Independent Contractors or Employees?” Here is my answer…. Reviewing the history of the personal training industry, pretty much all of us started as independent contractors operating our personal training businesses within…

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