Clients Can Party And Still Stay Fit

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Many of your clients will be heading to family get togethers and parties over the next 2 weeks and it is so easy for them to just give in and say “I will be better after the new year.” As you know, as long as your clients have a plan…they can party and still stay fit.  Here is the plan I suggest to my clients.

Go ahead and send this on to your clients.

They will thank you come January 1st!

Let’s face it – when a table full of goodies is staring you right in your face and you know this may be your last chance to indulge in your favorite holiday treat until next Christmas, it’s difficult if not impossible to stick to your program.  Instead you have to establish some guidelines and use a little “give and take.” For example:

  • At tonight’s party I’ll drink 2 glasses of water for every glass of wine.
  • First I’ll fill my plate with fruits and vegetables and then go back for more food.
  • I will make sure that I engage in conversation away from the table of food.
  • I’ll make sure that my pot-luck contribution is a healthy choice soI know I’ll have something to rely on.
  • I will enjoy one treat.
  • I will share a treat with someone.
  • I will encourage everyone to go for a walk after our meal before desert.
  • Since I know I’m going to have that piece of Pecan Pie tonight, I’ll go for a run or hit the gym this morning.

Whatever it’s going to take, make sure you have the systems and a plan set up to help you achieve success this season. 

Here’s the major culprits to holiday weight gain that will be tempting you at all the parties:

Sweats and Treats

  • Cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, chocolates…What’s the holiday season without treating yourself to your favorite holiday goodies?  But unfortunately, a few of these indulgences every day over the holidays (which can often happen at the office) can easily pack on 2-3 pounds each week.  Remember that these foods should be a ‘treat’ and not become a staple to your diet.

Creams, dips, gravies and egg nog

  • Very high in fat and caloric content.

Processed foods

  • Instead always go for wholesome, fresh foods as the staples to your diet.  They will always be higher in nutrients and lower in fat.  Processed foods should only complement a diet that is rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole wheat grains.

Fried foods

  • These foods are loaded in fat and calories!


  • Although low in fat content, it is very high in empty calories.  In addition, alcohol activates an enzyme that uptakes fat from our bloodstream and stores it in our fat cells.  Therefore any food you consume in combination with alcohol will more likely end up in our fat storage depot areas like our hips, thighs and abs.  And finally, alcohol lowers our inhibitions making us more likely to make poorer food choices.

And last, keep in mind that it’s ok to lighten up on your strict fitness and nutrition plan over the holidays.  It may help give your mind and body a rest and help to motivate you to work even harder in the New Year. Even elite athletes have off seasons so don’t beat yourself up about indulging a little here and there – just don’t completely let everything go and force yourself to have to start from scratch in the New Year!


Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan 


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