Does Your Team Have The Love?

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Last week we reviewed some of the ways to promote teamwork within your Personal Training team. Many times personal trainers LOVE their jobs, but don’t LOVE their co workers quite as much. There can be a sense of competition between personal trainers because they are trying to “win” the most clients.

We include deliberate activities and processes to ensure that our Personal Training team works together rather than fighting against each other:

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Team Get-Togethers

We regularly host team dinners, BBQ’s and other events to ensure that all of our staff get a chance to get to know each other better.

Team Program Activities

Every month we host Active Adventures for our clients that include activities like snowshoeing, hiking, indoor rock climbing, white water rafting, kayaking etc. We ask our personal trainers to promote these events to their clients and we also ask our personal trainers to attend. As an incentive for our personal trainers to participate in these events, they can attend for free and we will pay for any rental and equipment fees.

Educational Opportunities

At Northwest Personal Training and Fitness Education, we believe that the day a team member stops learning is the day we begin to lose them as top-performers. So we highly value the educational opportunities we provide our team.  We presently host a minimum of 3 educational conferences a year and our staff attend these events for free.  Our trainers are also given a $200 yearly educational allowance that can be spent at external conferences at their discretion.  We also have an extensive library of tapes, books, articles and journals that trainers can access.

Lecturing and Other Career Opportunities

At Northwest Personal Training & Fitness Education we believe that it’s important to keep a trainer’s career diversified in order to prevent boredom. Personal Trainers at Northwest Personal Training, can expect to do private personal training, group personal training, administrative work, marketing initiatives, lecturing to members and peers, media work and writing.

Praise & Recognition

When a Personal Trainer exceed our expectations, they can expect to be acknowledged for that in either a letter, memo or they may be given a small gift certificate as a token of our appreciation.

Bench Marking

We regularly benchmark against our local competitors to determine what others are charging for personal training and what personal trainers and customer service reps are being paid in our area. Personal Trainers at Northwest Personal Training can be assured that we will always act fairly and in the best interest of them, our Customer Service reps and our business.

Review my previous Personal Trainers Not Team Players? for more ways to keep your team working together.

We have given you LOTS of ways to improve your personal trainer team morale. It may seem like an impossible task at times, but if you keep part of your focus on this piece of your business….it will help in all other aspects. Happy trainers are trainers that stay. Happy trainers are trainers that have happy clients!

Want to learn more? All of the details on how to implement these activities and processes are included in my Business of Personal Training System. Don’t reinvent the wheel! My business system can be your business system!

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