Double Dip: Customer Service And Sales

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Sometimes it is OK to Double Dip….especially when it comes to correspondence with your clients.  Making phone calls and writing emails to clients on a regular bases is what sets us apart from other fitness facilities in our community.  We pride ourselves in showing our clients that we care about them and want them to use the facility.  This displays a high level of customer service, but these correspondences can also become sales opportunities.

Here’s the process for ensuring tremendous success to client phone calls and emails.

  1. Be prepared.  Know the clients attendance record, successes or struggles.
  2. Compliment.  For those clients who are coming in regularly or achieving excellent results, let them know how impressed you are.  For example “I just wanted to let you know that I’ve noticed you’ve been coming in so regularly and I want to congratulate you on keeping your health and fitness a priority!” or “ I’ve noticed you’ve been experiencing incredible results – Keep up the great work!”
  3. Encourage.  For those clients who are not coming in regularly, we need to encourage them to refocus on their health and fitness.  You may be the ‘kick-in-the-butt’ they need to start taking care of themselves again.  For example, “Hey I miss you.  I haven’t seen you in two weeks and I wanted to see what’s up.  I hope you’re not letting work take over your life and taking precedence over your health!” or “Hey, I want to help you come up with a plan for getting in here and taking care of your health and fitness.  Why don’t you tell me when you can come in for the next week, and I’ll hold you to it
  4. Invite and Promote.  This is a great opportunity to let them know about upcoming fun events, classes, programs and promotions.  Provide them some details.  Get them excited.  Get them enrolled.  For those not coming in, there might be something to get them re-charged!  Before you make a call, you should always have a list of the programs/events/promotions to focus on.  For example, “Hey Susan, I wanted to also take a moment to update you a few really cool things coming up at the studio.”  When emailing clients, always include a PS invitation to a particular event/program with a link to that program on our website.  ie.  PS.  Marcia, sign up for our Summer Solstice fun run/walk on June 23rd.  We’ve got a Live Band, Costume Contest, Street Party…It’s going to be a blast!

Here are some examples of topics you could focus on with your clients:

  • New Team Training Time Slots
  • Upcoming event or seminar
  • Specials and Promotion
  • New group fitness schedule starts…

Taking every client communication, as an opportunity to highlight an upcoming promotion, program or invite them to a company event, provides better business success and stability to our organization.

So, continue to make regular client correspondences and take the opportunity to let your clients know about all of the great things you have going on!

You can check out all of our upcoming client events HERE.

This is just one way that we market our business.  Some of our other favorite ways to bring in more clients is being very involved in our community and hosting FREE monthly seminars.  Give these tips a try and see your current client becoming more engaged with your facility and see new clients walking through your doors!

Yours In Health, Fitness & Business,
Sherri McMillan

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