Get More Clients – Build Simple Health Professional Alliances!

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Get more clients by building strategic health professional alliances!

Having health professionals support you and your services will not only…..

…….help you to generate more business, it also will give a more professional and credible image to your existing and potential clients.



Here are some ideas to help you initiate a relationship with Health Professionals in your community:


  • Have all new clients fill out a medical questionnaire listing their health professionals and obtaining their approval for you to contact them.
  • Then send each client’s physician or health professional a letter:
    • Inform them that their patient has initiated an exercise program with you.
    • Introduce your services and credentials and include your brochure, personal dossier.
    • Send five complimentary personal training sessions that they can offer to other patients who could benefit from a fitness/wellness program.


  • Establish a Health Advisory Board:
    • Try including a…..Massage therapist, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Sports Physician, Chiropractor and any other appropriate health professionals
    • List their names on your letterhead, brochures and post their pictures and bios within your club, studio or office.
    • Eight to twelve members on an Advisory Board is appropriate.
    • Compliment your advisory board with other professionals including a marketing and advertising specialist, banker, accountant, lawyer, successful business owner
    • Keep in mind these people are busy so do not request a huge time and energy commitment.
    • An advisory board meeting once or twice a year is all you should expect. 
    • Take the board out for breakfast, lunch or dinner and ask them questions about your business.
    • At this level, your board should function as a sounding board and provide brainstorming opportunities. 
    • A meeting once or twice a year and the ability for you to call a member of your board to ask a question is the extent of their commitment.
    • In return for their time and energy, offer VIP rates on Personal Training to all members of your board and provide them with exposure by listing their names on your materials and within your places of business.
You are never too small a business to have a Health Advisory Board.  

So at the very least incorporate my idea of sending physicians a letter informing them that you are working with their patient and the free passes.  Why not!? And if you get really motivated create an advisory group that many professionals in your community would benefit from….including you!

Yours in health, fitness & business,

Sherri McMillan

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