Group Fat Loss Program

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Spring is here and people start thinking about shedding body fat in time for summer.  So it’s a perfect opportunity to offer a Fat Loss program or Weight Loss challenge.

At Northwest Personal Training, our Spring Weight Loss and Makeover program has been a huge winner both from a financial and a client success perspective. Here are some of the details of our program:

How does the challenge work? Everyone will be assigned to a trainer’s group and the groups will compete against each other throughout the challenge.  A client can either be randomly assigned to a trainer’s group or request a certain trainer. A client can make this challenge as self-motivated as they like or they can utilize our services to help them through the process and maximize their results. Weekly weigh-ins are required so we can check their progress, and adjust their plan accordingly. The teams’ trainer is there to help clients stay motivated and answer any fitness questions they might have.

The program will be launched Wednesday April 25th at our Vancouver studio.  At the program launch clients will be weighed in and provided with exercise and nutrition guidelines to help them transform their body!  Note: If for whatever reason they cannot make it to the program launch, they must be weighed in at the Vancouver studio between April 23rd – April 29th unless otherwise arranged.

The final weigh-in will occur between June 4th -10th at Vancouver studio unless otherwise arranged.  All results must be in by June 11th at the very latest with no exceptions in order to calculate results.

The team with the greatest percentage weight lost will be deemed the winning team (although everyone is a winner in our books!).  Bragging rights go to the Personal Trainer with the winning team!

Spring makeover Challenge Options:  Clients pick an Option that works with their needs.  Here is how we promote the various options.

Flying Solo: I know what I need to do.  Just give me a finisher’s gift, weigh me in, and I’m good to go. The competition is all I need to keep me going.  Cost:  $47

Jump-Start: In addition to a finisher’s gift, can you please provide me with a NWPT Results Manual and take my pre and post girth and body fat measurements (2-30 minute appointments).  Cost:  $97

Rookie: I’m new around here and this will be a great opportunity to get me started on a trial membership.  Please provide me with a Group Training membership during the challenge in addition to the finisher’s gift, NWPT Results Manual and pre and post measurements (2-30 minute appointments).  Cost:  $197

Coach Me: Help me through this process.  Includes finisher’s gift, NWPT Results Manual, Pre/Post Measurements (2-30 min appts), and 12-30 minute private training sessions (suggested 2 sessions/week).  Cost—Members: $527  Non-members:  $597 (includes Group Training membership during challenge)

Tandem: Guide me closely on this journey.  Includes finisher’s gift,  NWPT Results Manual, Pre/Post Measurements (2-30 min appts), and 12-60 minute private training sessions (suggested 2 sessions/week). Cost—Members: $927 Non–members:  $997 (includes Group Training membership during challenge)

Inspire a Friend – Motivate a non-NWPT buddy to join & you BOTH get 10% off entry fee!

Besides the health benefits and bragging rights… This year, each week we are going to reward the individual that loses the most weight with a gift… $25 gift certificate for Northwest Personal Training.   

Grand Prize: Overall Male & Female winner will receive a plush gift basket filled with gift certificates and products… Including but not limited to an hour massage, 3 Endermologie treatments, $50 to Fit Right NW, Manicure & Pedicure, Climbing 201 – Belay On course, One night stay at Briar Rose Inn Bed and Breakfast, a bottle of Sycamore Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, and $40 Dinner ~ Uptown Pasta.

Each registrant also receives a Fat Loss workbook that includes nutrition and activity logs, educational information, homework assignments and more.  We sell the rights and license to use this “NWPT Results Manual” for your own Fat loss programs or Weight Loss challenges and this month we are offering 20% off the normal rate. You can find more details on this topic, all of the forms we use to bring clients through this process and so much more in our Fitness Results Manual.   Learn more about it in this video where I walk you through all of the different sections of the manual.

Enter promo code FRM20 to get 20% off through the end of March.  That is almost $100 in savings.  This resource tool will pay for itself over and over again!


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