Host educational health and fitness workshops and lectures for clients

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Health and fitness lectures offer a wonderful opportunity to educate your clients about important topics.  We believe that Education + Action = Results so we value offering education to our clients and then, inspire and guide them to take action, therefore, producing fabulous results! You can’t do better if you don’t KNOW better!

In addition to offering this value-added service to our clients, by encouraging them to bring their friends, family members and co-workers, it also offers a fabulous opportunity to gain exposure for our services.  Afterall, we’ve got a captive audience of people who want to know more about the topic we’re presenting and of course, we are in the position of being the expert but we don’t have the ability or time to address each person’s individual needs during the workshop.  Naturally, these people get excited about our services and what we can do to help them.

So offering workshops and lectures is a wonderful customer service initiative, as well as, a very effective marketing tool.

There are many opportunities to present health lectures or workshops at your gym/studio, corporate facilities, or local businesses or churches.  If you have or want to develop good speaking skills, these types of lectures can definitely help you grow your business.

The most popular types of lectures tend to be anything about fat loss or nutrition.  Workshops that address the best ways to condition abdominals or develop a healthy back also do very well.  You can advertise lectures to specific populations for example baby boomers, osteoporotic women, menopausal women, triathletes, vegetarians, gardeners, or teenage athletes.  You could offer cooking classes or recipe lectures to teach people quick n’ easy healthy meals. The options are endless!

The big question is should you charge for these or not?  It depends on the goal. When we do our in-house, monthly workshops in our studio, we offer them for free to our clients and their guests.  Our focus in on customer service and providing this added value to our clients.  However, often when we go out into the community, we charge a fee to offset the cost of travel and time.  Our average fee is $250.  We have done these workshops for free in the past if we feel the marketing outreach and potential exposure for our business and our services is very high. For example, if we know we are going to be presenting to a large group of people who are all very good, solid potential clientele, we will use the opportunity as a marketing outreach and waive the fee.  If you are going to host a workshop and charge the individual attendees, I’ve generally found a fee of $10-20 per lecture is manageable for most people and if you get an average of 25 registrants, the revenue will help offset the time involved with preparing for the talk.

The power of being in the spotlight as the health and fitness expert in your community is phenomenal.

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

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