Last Steps Before Hiring a New Personal Trainer

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Here at Northwest Personal Training & Fitness Education we have quite a lengthy apprenticeship program that helps us decide if a potential new hire will be an asset to our team and a good match for our team. Once that process is complete and the new personal trainer has accepted the offer, and employee agreement has been completed and wages have been established….our operations manager or personal training manager runs through this check list to ensure all necessary details have been taken care of.

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  • Employee Agreement thoroughly reviewed and signed / Wages agreed upon / Schedule agreed upon.
  • Employee file prepared.
  • Government forms, INS forms, copies of SS# and Driver’s License,
  • Payroll and direct deposit administrative forms completed and returned to Accountant/Bookkeeper/Payroll and copies kept in secure employee file.
  • Incentive questionnaire completed (this is questionnaire we use to understand what kind of incentives the new employee appreciates the most….verbal recognition, monetary , gifts etc.)
  • Personal Training, CPR and FFA certificates copied and submitted to manager
  • Employee added to professional liability insurance coverage
  • Keys and alarm code
  • Uniforms
  • Business Cards
  • Date of hire and birthday forwarded to Sherri
  • Update staff contact list with all phone numbers and email address and distribute to all team members
  • Memo out to entire team welcoming new team member and highlighting their strengths, experiences etc.
  • Get head shot done
  • Develop individual bio
  • Head shot and bio sent to web developers
  • Trainers certificates framed and posted at studio
  • NWPT Corporate Manual given and read by new employee. Employee to sign off that they have read the entire manual.
  • 100 NWPT quiz completed and a copy returned to employee file.

Do you have a new hire check list? You should! All of the points on our checklist may not work for your business, but this should give you a head start when creating your own checklist. Remember, if you have a system in place for each part of your business…..there are little to no surprises. Want to get your business completely systematized? My Business of Personal Training System can get you there. It is the same manual we use everyday at our studios and it can be yours. Change our name to your name and you are ready to get organized! Have questions? Email and she will get you all the details.

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