LOVE Your Clients It PAYS Off!

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If you LOVE Your Clients it really can pay off!


Save Money: Keep Clients

Did you know that business experts say that it’s 6x more expensive to get  new clients than to keep the clients you have?  It is true and outside of our consistently exceptional customer service and world class trainers I am always trying to think of ways to remind clients of how great they are and how much we love them!  We want to keep them coming back for more and hopefully when it comes time for them to refer a friend to a health and fitness facility they won’t even hesitate to recommend Northwest Personal Training.

Creative Way To Show Clients You LOVE Them!

We just implemented a cool campaign that benefits our BEST clients and helps promote our local business partners.  It is a win for everyone!

Top 200 Clients

We pulled a list (from our Mindbody Online Software) of our top 200 clients so that we could send them thank-you cards and gifts to show our appreciation for their business.  We wanted them to know how much we value them as clients.

Get Free Gift Cards to Send To Top Clients

We asked other local businesses to donate gift cards that we could send to our clients as thank-you gifts.

Here is a simple email I sent out that got a GREAT response:

“Hey _____,

We are sending a Thank you card to our top NWPT clients and are going to include Gift Cards and/or Certificates from us as well as other great local businesses.  So I wanted to find out if you wanted to be included.  We have narrowed the list down to 200 clients so you could include 200 ‘gifts’ or limit to say the Top 100 or 50 or whatever you want to do.

These are great clients who invest a lot in their personal health and fitness and would be amazing customers for you too!

I hope all is well!


By asking other local businesses to help with the gifts, everyone wins…we can give more to our clients to thank them and the local businesses get their name/business in front of our best clients.  Hopefully they will become their customers also!

Hand Write Each Gift Card For Each Client

We have received all of the gift certificates from local businesses and have our list of the top 200 clients ready to go.  Now it is time to write the thank-you cards and mail them out.  That’s right!  We hand wrote each one.  How did we do that you ask?  We assigned each trainer a certain amount of cards to hand write and gave them this as a template:

Hi _______,

We had our team meeting last week and we made a list of our Best Clients and you made the list! You rock!  We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such an awesome client and supporting local business. 

With love and appreciation,

Your NWPT team

Note: we also included a $25 gift card to be used toward any service we offer at the studio.

As you can see….this is a creative way to show your clients how much you appreciate them, it helps foster and maintain relationships with local business partners and hopefully it helps your clients love you that much more so that they continue to do business with you for a long long time!


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Yours in health, fitness & business,

Sherri McMillan


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