Overcoming Obstacles & Excuses – Week 5

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We have made it through the majority of the excuses that your clients will try to use to get out of training with you. After reading these last two scenarios you will be armed with what you need to help your clients overcome these obstacles.  Pretty soon your clients won’t even try to get out of workouts because they know you always have a comeback that is just too good!

Let’s Go Back Home
Imagine this scenario.  Your clients have scheduled a two-week vacation and have decided to drive to their favorite holiday destination. They get half way there, get a flat tire and turn around and go back home.  Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  But this is exactly what happens when most people start exercise or nutrition programs.  They are on their way to their goals and they slip up.  Instead of “fixing the flat” and continuing on toward their goal, they give up and return to old habits and patterns.  We know that 70 percent of people who start an exercise program drop out within a matter of months.  And most people who lose 10 pounds gain them back.  So how do you help your clients avoid being one of the failures?  It is important to help your clients realize and accept that there are going to be obstacles, challenges or perceived failures along the way to any goal.  Those who succeed learn from the challenge and get right back on the exercise track.

The Here and Now
So many of our clients fall prey to the lure of immediate gratification.  The chocolate cake staring them in the face is too great a temptation compared to future weight loss.  They would rather experience the pleasure now and worry about the consequences later.  A binge today simply means tomorrow they will eat better or they will work out twice as long or hard.  There is always a way to justify a lack of discipline.  Discipline and will power are perceived as deprivation – your client is sacrificing or losing something.  But if they can imagine that each time they work out, stick to a nutritional plan or decide not to indulge in a less-healthy choice, they are actually giving themselves something – spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Sticking to an exercise or nutrition plan is the same as practicing discipline when your clients’ kids are driving them nuts.  As parents, they would like to scream, shout and lose it but instead they count to 10 and choose their words more carefully.  There is no doubt that practicing this type of discipline makes anyone feel better about themselves.  It is the same with exercise.  Your clients’ bodies deserve to be treated well.  Many athletes think of their body as a temple and so should your clients.  Suggest to your clients that they think of that the next time they are about to grab for a piece of cake.  Have them push it away and think of it as actually giving something to themselves rather than taking something away.

Now…no more excuses!  It is time to keep those clients coming back for more.  It is your job!

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