Personal Trainer Productivity Means Everything!

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I have blogged about how we use productivity reports to gauge how full our personal trainers’ schedules are, as a way to reward personal trainers when they hit specific productivity goals and as a way to measure how our personal training business is doing overall.

Here are 3 blog posts on this topic that will help you understand how our productivity goals work:

Today I wanted to dig a little deeper into what factors should be included in productivity reports and share some questions and answers I have received from fit pros on this topic:

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  • Q: What factors are included in your productivity report?
  • A: Paid training hours, non-paid hours and total hours. With that we calculate – productivity ratio, non-paid ratio and compare it to the previous productivity ratio.
  • Q: Do you use a report from Mind Body Online to create this report or a self-created excel spreadsheet?
  • A: Both. We use the trainers’ time cards (that they fill out for each pay period) and balance it with their paid PT vs. their admin time. We use Mindbody Online to verify that the schedule on each trainer’s time card matches the schedule recorded in Mindbody Online.
  • Q: What counts as “admin time” and what doesn’t?
  • A: True admin time that counts “against” a trainer’s productivity ratio is time that the trainer is scheduled to be at the studio and the trainer is not with a paid client (group training, one on one personal training, team training etc.), if they are conducting management admin time (this is time managers are allotted in their employee contract to work on their management duties) or they are conducting a comp session.
  • Q: Do trainers get paid admin or paid training wage for conducting comp sessions?
  • A: Trainers are paid their admin wage for comp sessions, but if they close a sale after the comp session they get credit for that first sale no matter if the client is booked in that specific trainer’s schedule or not.  Also, if that client signs up for group training…that bi monthly automatic payment will always go to the original trainer that conducted the comp…even if that client ends up training with another trainer.
  • Q: Is everyone’s admin wage the same?
  • A: No, the admin wage and the paid trainer wage are agreed upon at the beginning of each year when managers sit down with each trainer and discuss the wages for the year. Both the manager and the trainer sign off on these wages on their employee agreement.

I have found that basing personal trainer pay and bonuses on productivity is the most straight forward and beneficial (for both our business and our personal trainers) way to manage trainer wages. Use this blog post and the other blog posts I have provided to see if you can incorporate some of our productivity methods within your fitness business!

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