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Stan_CodyWe all know that positive testimonials from our clients are extremely useful when marketing our fitness businesses. But, how do you get clients to tell the world about their successes? Try running this super easy and fun contest to get clients to tell you all about their inspiring stories! This contest also works to get NEW clients. They can tell their inspiring story to win 1 year of group training.

How It Works:

Northwest Personal Training will choose the most inspirational story (at the beginning of Nov) and that individual will be awarded complimentary Group Training classes for themselves for one year (Group Training membership is not transferable). Everyone who completes this process is a WINNER and will be provided a FREE Trial Pass for 1 Initial PT session & 2 weeks of Group classes for submitting their story that they can use if they are not currently a client or gift to someone else!

….see the contest page.

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Email we sent to our clients encouraging them to take part in the contest:

We have a fun promotion going on until November and I really feel like YOU all have some inspiring stories about your fitness journey that the world should hear! I understand that some of you like to quietly push forward with your training and fitness goals BUT do consider sharing your story… you never know who you could inspire to make some positive and lasting changes in their lives! 

WIN 1 YEAR OF GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING with Northwest Personal Training.

Be sure to get extra points by sharing your story on Facebook and tagging us!

Tell us your story! 

This contest can be super successful if you continually remind your clients of it, put it up on social media, encourage your staff to talk it up and spread the word in your community. Try setting up a reminder in your calendar to market your contest once per week.

Give it a try and let us know about your successes!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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