Podcast with Sherri: Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Fitness Business

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Even though most of us fitness business owners and managers are focused on just keeping our doors open right now…we can’t lose sight of the importance of planned and continual marketing.

I recently recorded a podcast that I want to share with you. This podcast focuses on work-life balance, fitness business systems, marketing fundamentals, marketing tactics to drive clients back into the studio or acquire new clients, and much more.

“Systems enable you to grow in chaos”

Sherri McMillan

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Take some time to listen as I walk through the critical steps we take everyday to ensure that our business survives and thrives now and in the future.

Sherri McMillan’s Podcast: Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Fitness Business 

Notes from my podcast with High Intensity Business:

  • 1:48 – The value of systems to achieve work-life balance
  • 14:28 – Marketing fundamentals to stand out from competitors
  • 22:55 – Ways to drive clients back or acquire new clients
  • 33:09 – Work-life balance tips for entrepreneurs
  • 39:31 – Reopening marketing tactics for 2021
  • 53:09 – Northwest fitness education

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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