Self-Care is Not Selfish

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“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

This is a quote that every Personal Trainer should keep in mind. Remember, it is important to take care of yourself. It is the only way you can give your clients what they need to succeed. It will allow YOU to succeed as well!

Here is an email I sent to my team about self-care. Maybe you could share it with your team or your co-workers?

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Hey team,

This quote made me think of all of us. It’s so important that we are all taking care of ourselves…exercising, eating well, getting enough sleep and managing our stressors.

In order to inspire others, we have to be striving for our personal bests also…otherwise it’s not authentic and it will shine through as phony.

So get that workout in. Just do it! Everyday move your body.

Instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t be eating, focus on which nutrients and foods you need to put in your body to perform like a champion.

Get at least 7 hours sleep each night.

And guess what, as you reach for your best and let your light shine, you will inspire people to go for their dreams and goals! You will give them permission to let their light shine brightly too.

People are inspired by others living life to the fullest. That’s the way inspiration works!

You are beacons of hope!  Be Bright and Inspire Strong!”

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan



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