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Motivation and the Process of Change: Step 4

We have asked the question: Are Your Clients Ready? We have taken essential steps to get our Clients Internally Motivated. We know how to help our Clients Make SMART Goals Now we will start discussing the obstacles/excuses our clients have for not starting our for quitting and exercise program….and how you can help them overcome…

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Motivation and the Process of Change: Step 2

I am sure many of you are busy working with potential new clients, current clients working on new goals and past clients that have decided to start working with you again. It IS a busy time of year and a great time to learn to help your clients dig deep to find true and lasting…

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Personal Training Client Performance Assessments

We require our trainers to conduct performance assessments with their clients three times per year. The months that these performance assessments will take place are listed in our yearly marketing plan that we share with our staff at the beginning of each year. Our personal training manager sends out reminders to our personal trainers explaining…

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