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Why You Should be Conducting Performance Appraisals

It is the last day of 2021. Many of us are taking the time to evaluate the past year and gathering data on how our fitness business have fared. Part of that year end wrap up should include performance appraisals for each of your staff members. Here at Northwest Personal Training we are proud to…

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Rally Your Team – Find Business Success!

It is the unfortunate truth that many small businesses fail and so many times before they have even had a chance to start! The fitness industry is no exception. Throughout my years of consulting….I have found that a lack of leadership can be one of the main reasons that fitness businesses struggle. Whether or not…

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Opportunities To Improve Your Fitness Business!

OK fit pros. We have so many really cool things going on in our Fitness Education Department right now that I just HAD to share them all with you in this week’s blog post. I want to make sure all of our fit pro followers know about the inexpensive and really cool opportunities we are…

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