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Weight Loss Challenge: This Rule Is Top Priority

I have walked you through many different success strategies when it comes to hosting a weight loss challenge. 4 Tips For A Successful Weight Loss Challenge Weight Loss Challenge Recruitment  Competition Creates Results – Weight Loss Challenges   I recently sent a reminder to our personal training staff about this very important piece to a…

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Weight Loss Challenge Recruitment

Over the past few weeks I have showed you how to prepare for and create an alluring weight loss challenge. We are getting close to launching our Spring Makeover Challenge. Our trainers are heavily recruiting participants for their teams. Here is an email, our trainer Kristin, sent out to her past Spring Makeover Challenge participants. Remember,…

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4 Secrets To Successful Weight Loss Challenges

Our annual Spring Makeover Challenge (weight loss challenge) is approaching quickly. Each of our personal trainers recruits members for their team. The trainer’s teams compete against each other to see who can lose the most weight during the challenge. Get the details on how we run our annual weight loss challenge Many fit pro managers/owners…

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