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It can be hard to fill certain hours in your personal training schedule and those hours are going to differ depending on the demographic of your clients. The good news is that….

… can get creative and find ways to fill those slower times that will both help you and your clients.

The most successful way we do this is by offering “Team Training” options. (make sure to read “Generate Extra Revenue With Team Training” to learn exactly how our Team Training works).

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These are small groups that are focused on specific goals. Our Team Training groups have a maximum of 4 clients. The small group setting gives clients the attention they need and want but they get to split the cost with other clients.Team Training can be a great supplement for a personal training client that wants more time with a personal trainer, but can’t pay for another one on one session each week. Team Training is also great for group training clients that would like to get a little more attention from a personal trainer, but don’t want to move to one on one sessions quite yet!

Finally, we schedule these Team Training times during times when it tends to be difficult to fill our schedule.

It really is a win/win for everyone!

Here is a sample of the many 10 Week Team Training Options that we are running now through June 3rd.


8:00 am Flex & Run – Jamie Get signed up for this indoor/outdoor workout where you can expect to run up for up to 5-minute intervals with intermittent resistance training with resistance bands and body weight! *Salmon Creek


7:00 am Ropes & Rowers Gone Wild! – Chris This will be an effective Aerobic an Anaerobic workout with battle ropes & ERG Rowers including some strength and stability! *Salmon Creek

1:00 pm Ease into Exercise – Judith Exercises focused for beginners who don’t know where to start. You will learn fundamental movements patterns that will help you progress your exercise routine and prevent injury. *Salmon Creek


7:00 am WOW- Women on Weights – Alicia This series is specifically for Women that are ready to lift hard and work hard! You will be motivated and inspired to be your strongest, leanest and healthiest YOU! Salmon Creek


1:00 pm Spring Conditioning – Kristin Increase your cardiovascular health with this cardio focused team training! You can expect to run, row and bike for up to 5 minute intervals and exercises focused to increased muscular & core endurance. *Salmon Creek


1:00 pm Tabata Strength – Cody Get a full-body interval training work out guaranteed to make you stronger, faster, and leaner.*Downtown

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