TOP 3 Group Training Secrets

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We have reviewed ideas for group training at your fitness facility….

Today, I want to share MY TOP 3 secrets to making group training a success

Work Your Clients Hard

Clients like to know that you’re able to push them a little harder than what they are able to do on their own.  This adds value to your sessions because they know they couldn’t do it on their own.

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1. Use Various Personal Training Tools

In order to make a Group training session look different than a Group Exercise Class, it’s important to use tools that a client couldn’t have access to on their own. This will add value to the sessions and will ensure clients continue training with us for the long-term. Use tools like Exercise balls, Medicine Balls, Wobble Boards, Tubes, Skipping Ropes, Boxing Bags and gloves, Steps etc.

2. Mix it Up

If you do the exact same program every week, clients will get bored very quickly and will believe that you have taught them everything they need to know and will likely discontinue training with us. However, if you mix up the workouts and always introduce them to new exercises, sequences and equipment, they will see the value in continuing with your program on an ongoing basis. This will keep them excited and help them avoid plateaus. It’s OK to use some of the same exercises every week, but always be sure you included at least a few new exercises and workout ideas.

3. Educate 

Every week come prepared with your Teaching Focus for that session. For example, one week you may teach the group the importance of water and then the following week, teach them the concept of momentary muscle fatigue. Regularly refer to the teaching focus during the session so that by the end of the hour, you are confident that your clients have a strong grasp on the relevance of the particular topic. Regularly bring Client Handouts to your sessions. Assign homework.

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