What are you doing for your clients?

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Hey Fitness Pros,

What are you doing for your clients for the holidays? Here’s some ideas…

1. Thanksgiving workout. We’re doing a special class and also hosting a Flag Football and Ultimate Frisbee event. Clients can burn all the Thanksgiving dinner calories before-hand!

2. Holiday specials. We offer our biggest specials of the year right now and encourage clients to give the ‘Gift of Fitness’ and to make the commitment to their own health and fitness program and stock up for the New Year. December is our biggest month of the year!

3.  Year-end Party. We host a big party to thank our clients for trusting us to oversee their health and fitness program. We offer food, DJ, cash-bar and dancing all night long. This year our theme is “Formal” so we all get to get dressed up fancy!

4.  Gift – We send all of our clients a fun holiday card that includes a personalized message from all of us, a $25 Gift Card and a Gift Certificate that they can give to someone for a Trial membership with us.

5.  The opportunity to give back – We support various local shelters throughout the holidays and make it easy for our clients to feel good about helping those in need.

Hope this gives you some ideas.  As a reminder, if you are part of our Personal Training Master Mind group, you would have access to all of our fliers, forms, templates and more.  It sure would make your life a whole lot easier!  Just do what we do and watch your PT revenues grow! Email kari@nwpersonaltraining.com to try it out. Your first month is FREE! It’s a no-brainer!

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan


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