Wow Potential New Clients

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It is that time of year where….if you have done the appropriate marketing work….you have lots of potential new clients walking through your doors. Are you ready for them? Do you and your staff  have a specific plan on how to show these potential new clients how you and your staff can be the ticket to their fitness success?

We have a system that all of our trainers use when conducting a first session with a potential new client. This system allows each trainer to use his/her own style, but gives them a guideline on the specific pieces of the puzzle that will lead the potential new client to make a commitment to their fitness and to our business.

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Watch this 4 minute video where I walk you through the approach we take

Here is a simple breakdown of how we WOW potential NEW clients during their first session with us:

We Are Prepared!

Review the CIQ’s (Customer Information Questionnaire) and have a couple articles ready for them that relate to their goals.

Highlight their CIQ’s.

Have a few exercises written out for them that you can go over during their comp session.

Get a rough draft of their weekly schedule ready.

If you don’t have their CIQ 2 days before the comp be proactive and track it down.

We Are Organized!

Make sure your office (or the space you will be using to conduct the comp session) is neat and organized.

Have a copy of the results manual or your resource tool available.

Make sure you have a BP cuff.

Ensure the potential new client is already entered into your scheduling system so when it is time to sign him/her up it is quick and easy.

Have a copy of your updated master schedule ready.

Make sure the fitness floor looks clean and tidy!! First impressions make a huge difference!

We Are Sales Ready!

Review the “Overcoming obstacles to sales“, part 2, part 3part 4 & part 5.

Know what specials are currently being offered at your facility.

Leave enough time for the sales portion so you can address any questions that they might have!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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