Increase Personal Training Sales and Systematize my Business!

Are you a Fitness Director or Business Owner and want to dramatically increase your Personal Training Sales and systematize your business?


The Business of Personal Training System & Forms – Why Reinvent The Wheel?

Save yourself some time and utilize a number of our forms and systems.

Note: If you purchase our Business of Personal Training Corporate Manual, you will receive all of these forms and systems. But if the Business of Training Corporate Manual doesn’t fit into your budget right now, purchasing our forms and systems a la carte as needed is the way to go.


Fitness Results Manual – Makes Money and Achieve Client Results!

The Fitness Results Manual was created and specifically designed as a highly effective guide to provide the training client or gym member a customizable step by step approach to achieve fitness success. Put your logo on it and go!


PT Profits Mastermind Group – Consulting at an Ultra Low Rate!

Real time instruction, guidance and information for your Personal Training business or department. A must have program for Personal Training Directors, Business Owners and Personal Training Sole Proprietors.


Books and Manuals

If your budget is a little tight, we offer a number of books that will provide you the education and resources to improve your marketing and sales.


Phone or On-site Consulting

We could also arrange for Phone or On-site Consulting to help you achieve your goals.


Check back soon for more upcoming courses.

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